Gotta love technology…

About those videos – I’m not giving up. It’s one of those fun stories that starts with old technology not working with the new technology, and getting so frustrated I had to go do something else for – oh – a year. Little by little I’m making progress, finding ways around and through those not-so-helpful “upgrades”!

And THANK YOU to everyone who has written and asked for more music. It warms my heart! There are such plans…

A Walk in the Mountains

It’s done!

There are ten songs for lever or pedal harp, mostly 2 pages each, some longer, and “Afterglow” is one page.

This book may be the most difficult of the collections. It was something I needed to write, pulling from some pretty deep feelings I have about being in nature. I realized it won’t be as accessible, as some books, but I hope it might provide advanced students with short character pieces to learn for fun. There are a few in this book I would gladly use on gigs, and some are very meditative, appropriate for reflective occasions.

I’d put some pieces in the intermediate level, and others maybe a 3-4. 
Here’s the song list.
  • Up the Mountain Trail  
  • Light Through the Trees
  • Huckleberries  
  • Tickle Creek 
  • Rain on the Lake
  • High Meadows  
  • Fire Spell    
  • Afterglow  
  • The Stars Come Out 
  • Sunrise on the Mountain 

I will get some videos out soon. 

~That’s my husband on the cover. We took a five day backpacking trip through the Wallowa Mountains two years ago, and I dream of returning someday!

A Walk in the Mountains

A Walk in the Mountains

Life has been very full!

But every chance I get, I write a few more measures for the next collection of harp solos: “A Walk in the Mountains”.

I am really excited about this book! Maybe it’s because taking long walks in the woods and mountains makes me feel fully alive.

One of my favorites is “Huckleberries”. This one is addictive and high energy, even a bit comical. Students will want to play it, and audiences will wake up and take notice, so it will be a nice piece to play between all those lovely ballads in your gig book. I hope you will love it like I do.



School shopping has begun in earnest, and I’m seeing the Halloween decorations in the stores. 

If you teach harp, you might be looking for pieces to engage returning students, or might even be planning a Halloween recital. 

Or perhaps you have a Halloween themed gig, and you need some sight readable tunes with imaginative, evocative titles to entertain your audience.


Here’s a list of some of my original tunes that would lend themselves beautifully for a spooky concert. Go to the sheet music index for more information.

From “Harping Cats & Dogs”

  • Danny Solves the Mystery  
  • Grumpy Dreams of Flying (Maybe he’s on a broomstick!)

From “Soaring Strings”

  • Black Bird Boogie

  • Crows in the Corn

From “Singing Wings”

  • Moon Spinner (It’s about spiders)
  • Green Dragonfly (exciting minor key piece)

From “My Gallery”

  • Whoo Cat 
  • Dying Tree (Could be about leaves falling from trees in autumn)

From “A Walk in the Woods”

  • Fox Run (Minor key, exciting)
  • Tango of the Owls
  • Secret Agent Super Bunny


Many appropriate pieces, as both collections feature mythical beings. Especially good are Kraken and The Phantom Ship from “The Enchanted Sea”

These duet books were written for beginning harpists and their teacher or an advanced student. The primo parts are mostly single note melodies, the secondo part is much more challenging in most pieces.

A Lovely Day for a Butterfly Party

A Lovely Day for a Butterfly Party

I get to play for so many delightful occasions.butterfly3

Today I took my harp to SpringRidge Court at Charbonneau to perform for their butterfly release party. 

What does one play for a butterfly release? Something fluttery! I dug into my repertoire for some waltzes about love and (in)fidelity: Shadow Waltz, True Love, Hi-Lili Hi Lo, and my favorite for the day, I Feel Pretty (from West Side Story). And for fun, I tucked my book about Bugs & Butterflies (Singing Wings) in my gig bag.

I loved how beautifully they decorated the patio for this occasion. 

harp butterfly release
The view through my harp strings


Some of the butterflies stayed to drink up the sugar water on the resident’s hands. 

What a perfect occasion for harp music. I hope this is the first of many butterfly parties I get to accompany.



Enchanted Sea: Castles in the Sand and Merrymaids

This has been a fun project, and it is nearly complete. Afghan Press should be making the announcement soon! Here is a sneak peak at the first two songs in the book: Castles in the Sand and Merrymaids. This book is slightly more advanced than the Duet book about Fairies: “Enchanted Melodies”. All of the pieces are in 1-3 flats, and one piece also uses F and C sharps.


Enchanted Sea: The Phantom Ship

I’m getting closer to completing a second duet book for beginning harpists and their teachers (or advanced student). This has been a fun project!phantom ship slide

This week I wrote “The Phantom Ship”, and finally gave in to the temptation to use an extended technique at the end to make ghostly sounds. I worried that it would be difficult to explain what to do. Fortunately, here is a beautiful website with video demonstrations. Wonderful! Harpist Gunnhildur Einarsdóttir has created this site explaining and demonstrating harp notation, and has given me permission to mention her site in the book. 

Here is the page I will be referring to.  I encourage you to look around this site. The harp notation examples and demonstrations are so helpful.  Anyone who wants to compose for harp should add this to their bookmarks.

How Great Thou Art

how-great-thou-art-folioNewly published! How Great Thou Art Collection

This collection has arrangements of this much loved hymn melody for solo pedal or lever harp, as well as harp and melody instrument (flute or other C instrument). Four versions (two pedal, two lever). Intermediate.

This is a good arrangement for special music requests. RoseWynde presented it in concert and it was very well received.

Here is a live performance!

How Great Thou Art

New Duet Book: “The Enchanted Sea” in progress

Sand Castles. First Tune for “The Enchanted Sea” is DONE!

This will be the second book of harp duets intended for beginning harpists (Harp One) and a more advanced student or teacher (Harp Two) THANK YOU to all the teachers who have contacted me to request this book. I am enjoying this project.


sand castle