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Kathryn Cater, Harpist, Composer Harprose.comALL the music I have published:

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Levels: 1 = very easy, limited hands together
             2 = hands together, some chords, some complex rhythms
             3 = more complex left hand movement, extra techniques 
             4 = Intermediate
             5 = Moderately difficult

Ranges may be altered to fit smaller (or larger!) harps — for most songs.

(links to purchase)     Title    Range Level        Audio or Video Link     Levers, Pedals
Harping Cats and Dogs Danny Solves the Mystery F1- A5  1 video  needs D# (pre-set)
  Lullaby for Smokey E2- C5  1 Lullaby for Smokey  C Major
  Walkin’ Wally  E2-D6  2    2 #, Bfl, pedal changes, lever pre-sets no changes
  Grumpy Dreams of Flying  C1-G5  2 video   E# pre-set
  Chasing Buddy  B2-D5  2    D#, F#
  Baron’s Blues  A2-C6  3 video  pedals, lever changes: A#, F#
  Forest Friends  E2-G4  2    all naturals – A minor
  Buckwheat’s Baby A2-G4 2 Buckwheat  C Major
Soaring Strings Mourning Dove G3-B5 1 Mourning Dove C Major
  Black Bird Boogie A2-E6 1 Blackbird Boogie A minor
  Flying South A2-C5 2 video  pedal change,
lever pre-set B#
  Swallow’s Flight C2-A5 2 Swallows’ Flight pre-set G#
  Little Red Hen D2-F6 2 video pre-set B#, E#
  Swans at Sunset E3-D6 2 Swans at Sunset D#, F#
  Crows in the Corn  A1-E5 2 video  pedal change
lever: F# G# pre-sets only
  Seagull E2-F6 3 video C Major
  Chickadee Dances D2-E6 3 Chickadee G Major

Singing Wings

Little Moth D3-B4  1 video C Major, harmonics
  Moon Spinner C2-F4 video a minor, parallel 6ths
  Grasshopper’s Jig A2-C6 Grasshopper C major
  Monarch Wings F1-D6 Monarch Wings F sharp required
  Bumble’s Boogie A2-C6 video  D#, E#, G#, F#
pedal/lever slides
  Golden Swallowtail C2-C5 video C Major
  Busy Bees G2-C5 video C Major
  Green Dragonfly B1-F5 Green Dragonfly 2 sharps, A# pedal change, lever pre-set
Forever in Love With Horses The Andalusian  F1-E6  2 Andalusian  e minor, G# all harps
easy pedal, lever change
  The Arabian E2-E6 Arabian a minor, expressive
  Riding Sunflower D2-C6 Riding Sunflower  G Major, scales, chords
  The Horse in My  Dreams C2-C6 2+ Dream Horse C Major, LH movement
  Irish Pony D2-A5 2   d minor, Fifths
  Old Paint G1-G5 3

Old Paint

G Major, fingering, swing
  The Silver Unicorn C2-E6 3 Unicorn a minor, rhythm, chords
  Prancing Pony Rag D2-D6 3 Prancing Pony D Major, A# pedal & lever change
 My Gallery  Dying Tree D2-G5  3 video  2 flats or naturals
  Morning River D2-C6    2 flats or naturals
  Blackberry Winter D2-G5    1 flat or sharp
  Garden Psalm B2-F6    1 flat or sharp
  Crazy Quilt B2-A5    2 flats or naturals
  Whoo Cat B2-G5 video  2 flats or naturals
  Skyscraper D2-G5 2   2 flats or naturals
& F# or G#
  Alone on the Range B2-G5 3   F# (G Major)
  Fire! E2-G5 3+ video 2 flats or naturals
& F# or G#
A Walk in the Woods Barefoot Wanderer F3-B5  2+ video 2 flats
  In the Treetop A2-G5 2 video 1 flat
  Wildflowers D2-A 3 video 1 flat, C# pre-set, pedal change
  Salamander C2-F4 2+ video 1 flat, placements
  Fox Run E2-G5 3-4 video 1 flat, rhythmic
  The Fawns F1-G5 3 video 1 flat, dampening,
highly expressive
  Tango of the Owls A1-D6 3 video d minor, C# pre-sets
  Lady Buggedy D2-B5 3   2 flats & C#, rhythmic
  Secret Agent Super Bunny A1-D6 3   g minor, C# F# pre-sets, easy pedal/lever change
Adagios (Transciptions  Arrangements) Behold the Rose of Sharon  F2-F5 2+   T. Arne, 1 flat, easy lever/pedal changes
  Andante A2-D5   L. Von Call, 1 sharp, easy lever/pedal changes
  Sarabanda  C2-F5 3 video A. Corelli, 1 flat, easy lever/pedal changes
  Allegretto D2-A5 2+   F. Sor, Lever pre-sets,easy pedal/lever changes
  Un Poco Adagio D2-F5 2+    M. Clementi, 1 sharp, easy pedal/lever changes
  Menuetto D2-E6 2+   G. Tartini, 2 sharps,  easy pedal/lever changes
  Andante B2-F5 2   F. Sor, one flat, easy pedal changes
  Largo A2-G5 3   Anonymous, C Major, no changes
  Canon in G C2-G5 2 video Cater, Duet with keyboard or harp G Major
  Stately March C2-C6 2+   G. Finger, C Major, no changes
  Largo D2-D6 3+   A. Vivaldi, 2 sharps,  easy pedal/lever changes
  Sarabande A2-F5 2+   J. Boismortier, G Major, no changes

Northern Dances

(links to purchase) 

Medley of:
Anders-Orsa Vals
Oppa Fjellet
Paul and the Hens
Balzer Jungfrau

video link 1
video link 2
 Scandinavian Folk Music Arrangements, pedal changes between each tune, may be played individually on lever harp 
Grassy Fields Grassy Fields   4 video D Major, pedal harp or lever harp (two brief pedal changes, easily worked around)
How Great Thou Art How Great Thou Art   3+ see harp & flute version lever harp in E flat, one easy lever change. Pedal harp in D, several pedal changes
(links to purchase)   CHRISTMAS HARP SOLO  Range  Level  Audio/Video  Levers/Pedals
Noel Nouvelet   (Winter Ayres) Noel Nouvelet:
  Pedal Harp
  4 video Several pedal changes
  Noel Nouvelet:
  Lever Harp
36 string 4   Tuned to E flat,
 some lever changes
O Come All Ye Faithful O Come All Ye Faithful   4 video  Two flats, no changes
 pedal or 36 string lever harp 
(links to purchase)  HARP DUETS    Range  Level Audio/Video Levers/Pedals
 (Transciptions Arrangements)
Canon in G C2-G5 2 video G Major
Enchanted Melodies for Two Harps Flower Fairies 
Pt I  

C2-A3 or C3-A4

Videos courtesy
of Melody’s
Traditional Music
C Major
Pt II  C2-G5 2+
  Water Sprites
Pt I  
Video A Minor
Pt II E3-A5 2+
  Fairy Ring
Pt I  
Video G Major
Pt II B3-D5 2+
Pt I  
 1 Video C Major
Pt II G3-C5  2+
  Ivy Fairy
Pt I  


Video F# pre-set
Pt II A2-A5 2+
Pt I  


Video G# pre-set
Pt II F2-A5 2+
Pt I  
Video C Major 
Pt II F2-C5 2+
   Wind Spirit
Pt I  

D#, G# pre-set 

  Pt II E2-E5 2+    

The Enchanted Sea Harp Duets

Castles in the Sand
Pt I
   1+  Video  Three flats
   Pt II    3    
Pt I
   1+  Video  Two flats
   Pt II    3    
Pt I
   2  Video  Two flats and F and C sharps
   Pt II    3    
   Mami Wata
Pt I
   1+    Two flats
   Pt II    3    
   The Water Fairies
Pt I
   1+    Two flats
   Pt II    3    
  The Selkie Dance
Pt I
   1+   One flat
  Pt II    3    
Pt I
   1+   One flat
  Pt II    3+    
  The Phantom Ship
Pt I
   1+   Two flats
  Pt II    3+    
  Sea Horses
Pt I
   2   Two flats
  Pt II    3+    
  The Wave’s Lullaby
Pt I
   1+   Two flats
  Pt II   2+    
(links to purchase)  Title Range Level Audio/Video Levers/Pedals
Walking Tunes Ashgrove 36-string or full range 3+ Ashgrove Lever or Pedal harp, some changes
  Banks of Sullane/
Paiste Fionn
36-string or full range 3+ Banks Of Surlaine / Paiste Fiolin Banks – pedal changes
Paiste -Lever or Pedal harp, 2 sharps
  Simple Gifts full range 4 video Goes from 2 sharps to one sharp
Distant Ayres  Collection How Can I Keep from Singing E2-A6 4    in 2, 3 and 4 sharps, pedal harp
  Be Thou My Vision E2-G6 4  Be Thou My Vision in three and four flats, pedal harp
  Suil a Ghra/ Banish Misfortune G1-B6


4  Suil a Ghra/Banish Misfortune Suil — b minor, no changes
Banish — one sharp, no changes
Drowsy Maggie Medley Drowsy Maggie Reel/ She Moved Through the Fair, Deidre’s Fancy Slip Jig, Skye Boat Song full range Maggie Medley several keys, pedal harp
Laydye’s Delight Ladye’s Delight/
Haste to the Wedding
  4  Ladyes’Delight/ Haste to the Wedding G Major
  Mist Covered Mountains of Home   4  The Mist Covered Mountains of Home several changes
  Idir Deighric Gus Breo   4  video 2 sharps, one change
Ave Maria  (Caccini) Ave Maria (original for flute and pedal harp) full range 4+ video Goes from A flat to B flat
  Ave Maria (flute & Lever Harp)    4+   in 2 flats throughout,
modified to minimize & allow for lever changes
  Ave Maria (for violin & pedal harp)    4+   Goes from B flat to C Major 
Welcome Delightful Morn Medley of: Welcome Delightful Morn, Liberty, Morning Song, Land of Rest  A1-G6
lever edits
 5 video One sharp throughout one pedal/lever change which may be omitted
Two Favorite  Hymns Nearer, My God to Thee D2-F5 3 video F Major, pedal OR lever harp
  Rock of Ages F1-F5 3 Rock of Ages B flat Major, pedal OR lever harp
How Great Thou Art How Great Thou Art   3+ How Great Thou Art Lever in E flat, Pedal in D major (as heard in live concert recording)
Winter Ayres  Collection Inis Oirr/ Aran Boat Song   4 Inis Oir & Arran Boat Song 1 Sharp,  Pedal or Lever Harp 
  Hush My Babe/Away in a Manger   4  Hush My Babe & Away In A Manger Pedal Harp as medley, Also for Lever Harp if the pieces are performed separately. See notes on this page.
  The Month of January/When the Snow and Frost are all Over   4  video Pedal Harp
(links to purchase)   Christmas Harp and Melody Instrument  Range  Level Audio/Video  Levers/Pedals
 see also : Winter Ayres Collection (above)        
A Merry Christmas Collection The Holly and the Ivy A1-G6 4 Deck the Halls 2 sharps, pedal harp
or advanced lever harp
  Carol of the Bells E2-A6 4+ video a minor, pedal harp
  The First Noel D2-B6 3+ First Noel D Major, no pedal/lever changes
Silent Night Silent Night   3+ Silent Night Pedal version modulates from B flat to G, Lever version remains in B flat
(links to purchase) Harp AND Two Melody Instruments  Range  Level Audio/Video  Levers/Pedals
Great is Thy Faithfulness Great is Thy Faithfulness   5

link1 flute & violin

link2 flute & clarinet

Versions for Pedal or Lever
(Recorded with Pedal Harp)
RoseWynde Christmas Collection Jeanette Isabella   3+ Jeanette Isabella 1 Sharp,  Pedal or Lever Harp, no changes
  Here We Come A Wassailing Medley   4 Here We Come A-Wassailing Medley 1 Sharp to 2 sharps, Pedal or Lever Harp (see notes), no other changes
  Sussex Carol/ A Merry Christmas   4+ Sussex Carol & A Merry Christmas 1 Sharp to 3 sharps, Pedal or Lever Harp (see notes)