A Walk in the Mountains

It’s done!

There are ten songs for lever or pedal harp, mostly 2 pages each, some longer, and “Afterglow” is one page.

This book may be the most difficult of the collections. It was something I needed to write, pulling from some pretty deep feelings I have about being in nature. I realized it won’t be as accessible, as some books, but I hope it might provide advanced students with short character pieces to learn for fun. There are a few in this book I would gladly use on gigs, and some are very meditative, appropriate for reflective occasions.

I’d put some pieces in the intermediate level, and others maybe a 3-4. 
Here’s the song list.
  • Up the Mountain Trail  
  • Light Through the Trees
  • Huckleberries  
  • Tickle Creek 
  • Rain on the Lake
  • High Meadows  
  • Fire Spell    
  • Afterglow  
  • The Stars Come Out 
  • Sunrise on the Mountain 

I will get some videos out soon. 

~That’s my husband on the cover. We took a five day backpacking trip through the Wallowa Mountains two years ago, and I dream of returning someday!
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