School shopping has begun in earnest, and I’m seeing the Halloween decorations in the stores. 

If you teach harp, you might be looking for pieces to engage returning students, or might even be planning a Halloween recital. 

Or perhaps you have a Halloween themed gig, and you need some sight readable tunes with imaginative, evocative titles to entertain your audience.


Here’s a list of some of my original tunes that would lend themselves beautifully for a spooky concert. Go to the sheet music index for more information.

From “Harping Cats & Dogs”

  • Danny Solves the Mystery  
  • Grumpy Dreams of Flying (Maybe he’s on a broomstick!)

From “Soaring Strings”

  • Black Bird Boogie

  • Crows in the Corn

From “Singing Wings”

  • Moon Spinner (It’s about spiders)
  • Green Dragonfly (exciting minor key piece)

From “My Gallery”

  • Whoo Cat 
  • Dying Tree (Could be about leaves falling from trees in autumn)

From “A Walk in the Woods”

  • Fox Run (Minor key, exciting)
  • Tango of the Owls
  • Secret Agent Super Bunny


Many appropriate pieces, as both collections feature mythical beings. Especially good are Kraken and The Phantom Ship from “The Enchanted Sea”

These duet books were written for beginning harpists and their teacher or an advanced student. The primo parts are mostly single note melodies, the secondo part is much more challenging in most pieces.

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