A Lovely Day for a Butterfly Party

I get to play for so many delightful occasions.butterfly3

Today I took my harp to SpringRidge Court at Charbonneau to perform for their butterfly release party. 

What does one play for a butterfly release? Something fluttery! I dug into my repertoire for some waltzes about love and (in)fidelity: Shadow Waltz, True Love, Hi-Lili Hi Lo, and my favorite for the day, I Feel Pretty (from West Side Story). And for fun, I tucked my book about Bugs & Butterflies (Singing Wings) in my gig bag.

I loved how beautifully they decorated the patio for this occasion. 

harp butterfly release
The view through my harp strings


Some of the butterflies stayed to drink up the sugar water on the resident’s hands. 

What a perfect occasion for harp music. I hope this is the first of many butterfly parties I get to accompany.



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