Silent Night

planets3RoseWynde’s flute and harp (or other C melody instruments and harp) arrangement of this favorite carol is now available, published by Afghan Press in versions for Pedal Harp or Lever Harp.
The Pedal Harp version modulates for the third verse; the Lever Harp version does not. Both versions feature a harp solo on the second verse, and lush, contemplative harmonies.

I’m waiting for inspiration before creating a video to showcase the recording on youtube, but you can hear a clip played here, as well as find a link to purchase the sheet music.

Silent Night was recorded on our “Merry Little Christmas” CD. You can find the whole track available on Itunes or CD Baby, or purchase the CD a variety of ways.

Let me know how you like it! I’d love to hear how you use the arrangement.

If you choose to record this arrangement, please contact me for copyright information. My terms are very reasonable; I want harpists to use and enjoy performing the music.

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